3Blades Documentation

Welcome to the 3Blades documentation site! In addition to user guides and API docs, we also have a support forum. We hope to hear from you soon!

Get Started


These instructions are to allow developers and customers install 3Blades stack on-premises. It has been tested with AWS EC2 Ubuntu 16.04 instances but should work with other ones as well. A few notes about how this installation works:

  • Uses Ansible Playbook to download, install, and configure artifacts, such as Docker engine.
  • Docker images are pulled from DockerHub.
  • All images communicate with each other using Docker links.
  • All services and data stores run in separate containers.

You could do all of this with docker-compose. As a matter of fact, the Ansible playbook does use docker-compose to launch and link services. However, we enhance docker-compose with Ansible to automate dependency setup, seed database, and provide additional configuration options.


The services run when installing and launching the 3Blades server are (in alphabetical order):

  • API based on Django
  • Celery, run with Django
  • Events service using custom Docker image
  • OpenResty reverse proxy server
  • PostgresSQL database
  • RabbitMQ broker
  • Redis cache
  • Search using Haystack with Elasticsearch backend

What's Next