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Welome to 3Blades!

3Blades is a unified data science platform that automates environment configurations, model training, and model deployment to create performant AI. Simply push your code and let us handle the rest!

There are two options available:

  • Online: free signup and no credit card required.
  • On-premises: free community version available.



  • Support for multiple languages and frameworks.
  • Exploratory data analysis with Jupyter Notebooks and R IDE.
  • Extract data with SQL
  • Share project resources with team members.
  • Connect to external data sources securely with SSH.
  • Publish your trained models as secure RESTful endpoints, in their native language.
  • Automate standard data munging tasks with Cron jobs.
  • Deploy ML and DL models with server less compute infrastructure.

We are just getting started! Take a look at our roadmap repo for up coming features! If you would like to see something added, feel free to open an issue.